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Voltaire mène l'enquête


Please don't be prejudiced like me! The first time I read the back cover of "La Baronne meurt à cinq heures", I thought: "oh come on! Voltaire as a detective, isn't it a bit far-fetched?". And then I saw Gérard Collart's critic of it (see the link below) in which he highly recommended the series so I gave it a try. And I just loved it. I'm afraid there is no English translation available and I suppose the adaptation would be quite a challenge because of the author's unique style. Lenormand's mastery of language enables him to transport the reader into an 18th century atmosphere but it's never boring. It's witty and I often surprised myself giggling while reading it. I also liked the fact that the characters really existed. An enjoyable reading for French language lovers.


 Gérard Collart's video (French)